Tired of spending money on marketing no results?
Ever wish you could just find a way to make the phone ring?
Here at Marketing Rebellion we relentlessly pursue one goal, to find the best way to help our clients' to acquire new customers. We accomplish this through precisely-targeted Facebook marketing. 

You are in business to serve your customers.
You wound up here because you need more of them. 
Let us handle the rest.
See What Kevin O'Leary (Mr. Wonderful
from Shark Tank) has to say about us.
It Happened Again, Didn't It?
You threw some money at the latest marketing or advertising "opportunity," only to get nothing out of it.

Maybe it was Google Pay-per-click. Maybe it was was a new website. Maybe you hired a "social media manager."

Regardless of the medium, the results are often the same. The truth of the matter is that without a cohesive strategy behind it, most marketing will fail. No matter how "easy" some guru said it would be.

Why am I telling you all of this - because I have been in your shoes and have felt the same pain and frustration...
Our Story of How We Started a Rebellion Against 
Traditional (Unreliable) Marketing
Let's rewind to 2013 - I was the struggling owner of a technology start-up trying to establish myself as an IT and cyber-security expert in a very crowded industry. We consistently struggled to find new clients.

Like many other business owners, I was wasting money on lots of different marketing and advertising that didn't work. Even when we saw some initial success, it was often short-lived. I was always worrying about money and struggling to make payroll. 

As time progressed, I continued spending my savings trying to grow the business. I felt terrible because I had no clue if it all was going to be in vain and I would have to give up and get a job. I felt like a failure. 

Finally, after more struggling to stay afloat, my savings finally ran out. After busting my butt to grow the company, it was on life-support, and I only had a few weeks to make it work. My dream of entrepreneurial freedom was dying right before my eyes. I was extremely anxious and couldn't eat or sleep.

Then, as if by chance, something changed the course of my business forever...

I was browsing the internet one night and came across an article discussing placing ads on social media sites - the results looked very promising. The Internet was rapidly changing the face of marketing. Traditional advertising was expensive and unreliable - I decided right there that I needed to focus on this new frontier of marketing.

It was now crystal clear to me that I had to "be the honey and not the bee." Social media ads would allow me to reach those people that were most likely to become clients.

As a result, the very next day, I launched Facebook ads. Something remarkable happened - I started slowly getting some leads over the next few days.  Suddenly, I felt that there was hope. 

Over the next year, we continued to forge ahead into this new, unknown territory. We made many mistakes along the way, but continued to discover what worked and what didn't, and evolve our processes. One weekend we sat down, took a good look at all of that data and crunched the numbers.

What we found was remarkable. Beyond the standard data points (age, position, geographic location, etc.), many of our best clients and prospects had other qualities in common - things like their wants, dreams and personal values. These qualities, referred to as psychographic characteristics, heavily influence how people make decisions and perceive companies and brands.

The amazing thing about Facebook advertising is the ability to target your prospects based upon these characteristics. We can target based upon what interests they have, what influencers they follow, even based upon what brand of toothpaste they like!

We can now build in a few days (sometimes a single afternoon) an online presence for companies to get online and start getting leads that are identical to their favorite clients. 

Our goal now, simply stated, is to help as many other entrepreneurs similarly grow their companies and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, as we can.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Join the REBELLION.

Frank Bravata, President and Co-founder
Marketing Rebellion, Inc.
               SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
How Our Process Works:
During this initial phase of our engagement, we delve deep to learn about you, your team, business, and industry. 

We seek out your definition of a "great prospect" and find out how those clients that you love are currently finding your business (or IF they aren't currently aware of your business.) We look at their demographic information (age, sex, marital status and interests & hobbies.) as well as their psychographic characteristics (wants, needs, desires, and values). We determine the places and sites they are most likely to spend time online and collate all that data to create an ideal customer avatar. 

We can target prospects based on any of the following criteria:
  •  Demographics
  •  Interests
  •  Age
  •  Life Events (anniversaries, marriages, engagements, birthdays, moves, etc.)
  •  Location (state, region, even specific zip codes)
  •  Social Connections (to competitors businesses, industry events, associations, etc.)
  •  Career
  •  Education
  •  Hobbies and Interests
  •  Brand Preferences
  •  Spending Power
  •  And thousands of other targeting factors! 
Design and Copywriting
Now that we know who you are, who your ideal clients are, and why they love your products and services, we embark upon the path of finding you many more of them. 

We launch our strategic process of building a digital presence and all of the associated resources (attention grabbing copy, gorgeous reports and graphics, hyper-responsive ads, and persuasive email follow-up sequences) 

Once completed and approved, we are ready to launch!
Once we have created your online presence, we implement several tools that allow us to analyze and systematize your online marketing efforts. 

On our designated launch day we will be starting a marketing campaign with multiple offers and versions of the copy (text) as well as various creative elements (images/videos.) We then begin tracking which ones are being received most favorably and bringing the most engagement and opt-ins from your target audience. Once we have a clear "winner," we will use that one as your initial launch campaign. 

We allow that initial campaign to run for about a week to gather some baseline data. 
Continuous Optimization
Over time, as we start building momentum, we will continuously refine your digital marketing efforts, and launch additional campaigns as needed throughout the course of our engagement. The key to successful digital marketing is being able to take advantage of emerging online trends as they happen and to shift away from strategies and sites as they become less effective. Our fanatical devotion to analytics gives you the most "bang" for your marketing bucks and protects you from wasting time and effort. 
               Ready to Get Started?
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